About Us

My name is Roland Enz, both my parents were Swiss Immigrants. My father was a butcher and my mother was an accomplished cook and baker. In my early years I was immersed and surrounded by the Swiss Culture. They have a rich heritage of community engagement which encompasses food, drink and dance. As time went by, my family was engaged in the dairy and cattle business. Ranch operations involved butchering, barbecue and kitchen delights. We mustn’t forget drink. That brings up my interest in the wine industry, which we will tackle at another time.

Through my Web-Site, it is my desire to provide items of interest that will enhance your enjoyment of food and drink. My intent is to build on the products that I feature so look for new items as they are perfected and offered.

My goal is to provide quality sourced and manufactured items that you will enjoy and use, in the kitchen, for years to come.

I invite you to join me and participate in the development of our site. We are open to comments and suggestions that will enhance the enjoyment of food and drink as it reflects your taste and life style.